We produce, deliver and assembly for you:

  • PVC-halls with steel structure
  • PVC-halls with aluminium structure
  • insulated modular halls and buildings
  • industrial tents and party tents both standard and customized solutions

THORSPAN - If you’re looking for quality on a whole new level, you’re in the right place.

Modular halls with quick assembly are good solution, when you need new storage- or production space, sports building, office rooms, additional trade area or flexible covered space for different events.


Scope of use:

  • translucent facades and roofs for industrial- and sports halls
  • awnings, glazing, integrated windows etc. for all kinds of buildings
  • to be used both for new buildings and for refurbishment of walls and roofs
  • exciting and innovative solutions for interior applications

RODECA - A reliable, professional and creative business partner.

The multiwall polycarbonate (PC) modular panels are multifunctional, impact resistant, translucent and with excellent thermal properties. We provide customized complete solutions for facade glazings and transparent roofs to use the natural day light.


Scope of use:

  • floors for industrial halls and party tents
  • temporary walkaways and roadways
  • durable floors for exhibition shows and festivals
  • mobile dance floor for indoor and outdoor events

IKADAN - Flooring for every occasion.

The new IKA-FLOOR is a first-class modular floor solution, where durable plastic tiles with smart interlocking system provide a really stable result.
IKA-FLOOR is completely weather resistant, tiles are lightweight, quickly installed, easy to clean, with a non slip surface, can handle the heavy loads.


Large scale of nets for different applications, among which you will find the following products:

  • agricultural nets to get protection from birds, insects, hail, wind, cold etc.
  • harvesting nets, cold sheds
  • scaffolding protection nets, container covers
  • shading sheets, nets to get visual and wind protection on public sites and sports grounds
  • stage covers, advertising screens etc.

AGROFLOR – reliable supplier of nets already since 1982.

Agroflor is a company based in Austria, producing PE nets and covers of highest technical standards. High quality, customized solutions, flexible quantities and quick delivery are the key figures, why Agroflor is a choice nr. 1 in Europe.